The First Theme

It's a minimal and dead simple WordPress theme. Comes with a bunch of options such as colors and fonts, a custom sidebar to tell people who you are and that's about it. You can buy it for as little as 1$ but you're free to pay more if you feel like.

Buy the theme
Huge screen shot of the first theme

Questions (asked very infrequently if ever)

Is support included? Asking for a friend.
Am I gonna get updates? I love updates.
Yeah I do not. So probably no.
I love sliders. Does this theme have sliders?
Have you seen a cactus? And no, it doesn't have sliders.
Why do I have to pay?
Why not?
Who are you?
Manu. Nice to meet you
Are you gonna make other themes?
Here? Unlikely. Somewhere else? Yes.